Thursday, 20 January 2011

and then there was three

this one was a new peice of work for the Beetroot Tree Exhibition (finishin this Sunday if you still want to catch it!) and is one of my favourites. I'm enjoying sharing all of my new work with you, hope you like it!

It's finally the end of my working week and I'm excited to be spending tomorrow immersed in my new project in the studio. I think and early night and early start tomorrow (if I can drag myself out of bed!) is called for!! Hopefully I will make a decision about the new project, I have a couple of ideas, one involving plants and the other involving food, but I think I need some inspiration, so may spend a bit of time tomorrow browsing through some blogs, a bit of flickr and some design websites. I need to get my links on this new blog sorted so you can check out my faves too.

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