Friday, 21 January 2011

different worlds

Yey, it's Friday and I have a day off work and am just about to get up to the studio and start some new work. I've already walked the dog, early morning frosty walk down by the Trent and I'm now feeling invigorated and chilled out (literally, it was -5C) and ready to get to work.
We have a weekend at home, after a couple away from home, so I'm looking forward to just being here and maybe getting some jobs done and may even squeeze in a couple of runs. I have set myself a bt of a challenge this year and want to achieve something 'running-wise' before I'm 39 again!! At the mo I'm slowly poddling along, trying to get my stamina up a bit so I can run comfortably for 30 mins. I'm starting gently and slowly trying to build up what I can do, I'm halfway thru a three week program I found online, so wish me luck. I don't really consider myself a 'runner', I enjoy it once I get into it, but over the past couple of years I have started with good intentions and then had to stop due to injury, so I'm taking my time this year and being careful. When I think about it, a year ago I struggled to call myself an artist, so give me time, you never know, I may, one day, be a 'runner'!! Now, that would surprise quite a few people I know, myself included!!

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