Friday, 4 February 2011

colour inspiration

I'm on a slow journey back from the land of no inspiration, which is why in the last week I have had nothing to blog about or anything of any great consequence to show you!! My mind has been like one big blank piece of paper...... and it has been bugging me a little!!

I know myself well enough now to know that I go through these phases at the beginning of any new project or just as I've finished one piece of work, but saying that, it still annoys me, as the impatient person inside me just wants to get on and get started with the next thing NOW!! I know that the ideas will come and I'll have a bit spurt of creativity sometime in the near future but I'm just not sure when... it would be nice if I could schedule it in for tomorrow morning and have two long leisurely days languishing in my studio making the most of it!

So, in the mean time, I'm going to look through some books, some old sketchbooks, take my camera with my everywhere I go, and a sketchbook and pencil and try to jot something down every day until inspiration hits me... these photos above are from a drive out in the car earlier today, a walk in this wind would have been far too stressful (does anyone else get unexplainably stressed out by the wind??) the light was lovely, colours very wintry and the hills and fields were begging to be photographed! I hope this is the first step away from my creative-less-ness!!

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