Thursday, 10 February 2011

the colours of today

grey, cloudy, dreary, and slightly drizzly and damp and 'It' just ain't happening for me today!!
What to do? They say when the ideas won't come just go off and do something else.... i've been doing 'something else' for days now, and I think I'm starting to get a bit stressed out by my lack of creative activity, which is certainly not making matters any better! The dog has been walked, the studio has been tidied, dinner is sorted.... I want to go and make some new work but haven't the slightest clue 'what' it is yet. I feel I need to be doing something during my precious studio days, otherwise I might as well go to work and earn some money, and I sit and watch the minutes ticking by, blank page in front of me, getting more and more frustrated by the minute! And I know all of these feelings are completely counter-productive to what I am trying to achieve, yet I can't seem to change them.... What's a girl to do?? Is is just a matter of time, and am I just being too impatient.....????

1 comment:

  1. sue - do something - just anything to get your hand moving! don't have any expectations - don't plan - get some cheap paper out - monoprint, splash some paint around, do a self portrait, draw Mac, tear up some magazines and make a collage! Don't think about the next 'project' - just draw for the love of drawing!

    The rest will come in it's own time.


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