Monday, 7 February 2011

hazy hills

another of my painted landscapes on textiles, inspired by the colours of an autumnal scene, quite hazy and dreamy I think.
Revisiting some of my older work may give me a bit of kick start onto something new, something I seem to be really struggling with at the moment. I sat and had a look thru my old college sketchbooks at the weekend, and one thing did occur to me, and that was how contrived the college ones were as opposed to my more recent ones that I have done just for me. I think at the time I must really have wanted to do my sketchbooks 'the right way' to impress the lecturers, rather than just pleasing myself and making them mine. One lecturer even told me I shouldn't write titles on each page.... well why on earth not, who did they think those sketchbooks were for?? It makes me quite cross to think about this now, but what the heck my sketchbooks are now filled as I want them to be.... although I do feel at the moment like I just wish I had a starting point in order to start filling another one up!!

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