Friday, 11 February 2011

just because

I finally overcame my 'lack-lustre' mood yesterday after a couple of conversations with a few people close to my heart and I started to paint. This might sound a bit like 'well... big deal' but I was beginning to think that I really had come to a full-stop with my work. I have been over-analysing everything, thinking too much about 'what ifs' and was being too much of a perfectionist. In my head, I felt I should be sticking to the rules of how things should be done, sounds really 'anal' I know, but I think this is just 'me', give me a list of things to do, or a set of instructions or a project brief and I'm quite happy to get on and 'do' but when the page is empty and I feel I have no direction, this is when I start to struggle. I know this now, so I had a very long conversation with myself (in my head) and have decided there are no rules, no pressure, things don't have to look like a masterpiece, and I feel a lot lighter... I'm persuing my art because I love it so I'm going to start an enjoy it a lot more, rather than pressuring myself to come up with the goods every time. Let's see how it goes....


  1. I know what you mean! When I start to think too much about what is saleable (which is easy to do given my decades-old marketing background), it's time to just play with the paint and paper. That's when the surprising accidents happen! I love the colors in what you've posted, very rich.

  2. ~Good on you!!! Just the action of 'doing something, anything, can make such a difference! Did I ever tell you that I used to give my sketchbooks a 'tea bath' when I was feeling that 'fear of the white page'. Used to fill a sink with tea bags and water and dunk my sketchbook in and leave it. It would come out wrecked, curly, tan and messy and then the white page fear would be gone! The fear of spoiling a perfect sketchbook would be gone. I read this book at christmas and have just started reading it again - it has really helped change my attitude about how and why I make art - - about how I am not trying to create masterpieces but am just doing it because I want to and need to. I really really would recommend it if you haven't read it already

    Well done! x


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