Thursday, 24 February 2011

poppy fields

I waved goodbye to this textile piece 'Poppy Fields' today when I took it up to Karina Goodman, one of my stockists, at Studio 61 in Holloway, Derbyshire, the added bonus of a drive out there being I got to spend a couple of hours with my friend, chatting about our aspirations, inspirations and work. The sun is out and the rolling hills of Derbyshire looked truly beautiful, and it has inspired us to book a day out sketching in the open air in the next couple of weeks. Let's just hope we get scheduled sunshine to really make the day!! Jobs are all done and I'm off out to another friends for tea, so I'm just off to the studio now to do a bit more work!! I have the luxury of a weekend at home with not a lot planned so hopefully my creativity will continue for the next few days!!

1 comment:

  1. yaay! am very much looking forward to our day sketching in the derbyshire sun :)


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