Monday, 14 March 2011

anyone miss me??

blimey, I haven't posted since February, and here we are half way thru March... very slack indeed... but I do have an excuse, and it isn' that I have turned into a black and white Border Collie.... but I've been away on holiday up to Northumberland, my favourite haunt, staying in a wonderful cottage with my husband and this guy above (I know, I bet you're thinking I'm such a saddo for taking photos of my dog on holiday, but hey, needs must, we have no kids so the dog gets photographed instead!!), plus I haven't downloaded my photos yet so this will have to do. We have had a great time, lots of walking in the 'unseasonably' good weather, and lots of relaxing. No sketching, apart from a teensy bit of watercolour painting, trying (and failing) to capture the gorgeous view out of the window and some reading. I finally finished the new Kate Morton book I got for Christmas,'The Distant Hours' (and it was good, I'd recommend it highly!)

So now, what to do? I have to make some plans for 2011 really and decide how I want to take my business forward. It seems I have been suffering from a bit of lack of direction over the past month or so, so I really need to get my thinking cap on and decide what I want to do next. I broke my computer yesterday so have had to break into the piggy bank and buy a new one, which might scupper my plans for world domination a wee bit longer!! I want some firm plans made very soon and I want to decide what I'm doing for the rest of the year so I know where I'm at. Enough of this messing around, I need to take action....!

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