Thursday, 24 March 2011

mixed media and a bit of colour

as all of my plans for my day went up the spout this morning (ie had planned to have a printathon in the studio ready for new gallery visits..... and then I ran out of ink) I decided to work on something new. It's a mixed media piece with paint, watercolour paper, acrylics in the background, colour washes etc (ie a bit of an experiment a few weeks ago when I was being creative in the studio but didn't really know what I was creating!!). Well, I knew this background would come in useful for something. I've drawn one of my new style-y trees with a few birds. It's currently unnamed but I'll think of one soon. I've been having plenty of iPod shuffles going on in the background so I'm sure I'll find a suitable song lyric for the title.

And what about everything else... for those of you who aren't from the UK.... we are known to be a bit weather-obssessed. The weather this week, wall to wall sunshine and 18C (unheard of even for summertime never mind the first flushes of spring!!) It's brought everything on so quickly, the daffs are all in flower and the hedges are turning green. I love it!!! Ok, back out to the garden for a while before my new yoga class thisa evening.

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