Monday, 21 March 2011

sketchbook peek

I always love to have a peep into other peoples sketchbooks, as I'm a bit nosey like that. In my last blog, and when I was a member of the Nottingham Craft Mafia, I used to do a regular blog post about different artists and their sketchbooks (hmm, note-to-self... might resurrect this for current blog as maybe it's too much all-about-me) as I had a real interest in other peoples' creative processes and how they use their sketchbooks. Also last January I bought a new sketchbook and tried to sketch every day, just after I'd read the Creative License by Danny Gregory (a very inspiring book btw). It's a great habit to get into and unfortunatley one which I didn't keep up!! I have a huge pile of sketchbooks in the huge cupboard in the studio and sometimes like to get them out, searching for new ideas, or unfinished old ideas. I used to have one sketchbook per project when I was at college and found that I liked  to work this way. As a result a lot of my sketchbooks are unfinished with reams of empty pages just waiting to be used. So as part of my 'breaking the silly rules I have made up about how I work' I have decided to use these unfinished sketchbooks, to be a bit more haphazard and less structured in the way I work, and basically just pick one up, whichever size and shape I feel like, when I go out and fill the pages with new stuff.

To cut a long waffly story short, this is what I did on Friday and here are the pages.... lots of trees!!

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  1. Your drawings of trees are lovely, I used to keep lots of sketchbooks but just fell out of the habit of using them, but often I prefered the work in the sketchbook to the finished piece. I would really like to keep one again, but I will need to enjoy drawing again.Very inspiring!


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