Sunday, 3 April 2011

blossom tree in progress...

I've had a great Mothers Day up North with my folks, in fact an amazing whole long-weekend with my family, the weather has been good and I also visited a new Gallery, who have taken some of my framed work and, as a result, I now have no originals left here at home... which means I REALLY have to get my ass into gear and get some new work made and framed as soon as possible. I have three new galleries who want to see my work.... eek!!

This is the 'Blossom Tree' and it's nearly finished. It was inspired by all of the gorgeous trees out in blossom at the moment. I'll post some pics of the finished work this week, but I also have some new ideas brewing, inspired by a visit yesterday with my Mam, to Thorp Perrow in Yorkshire. The daffs were out in their full spring-like splendour but there was also a row of topiary trees which I have taken lots of photos of and can't wait to translate into ink..... oooh, v exciting!!!

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