Sunday, 17 April 2011

the tree with no name

This is another new piece, as yet nameless, but I'll be having a think this week to come up with something for it. I quite like to go with lyrics from songs for my titles but I'm not getting the musical inspiration I need for this one possibly due to my failure to obtain tickets for Glastonbury on the ticket resale this morning :-( I will get over it, it's just a bit disappointing, after the amazing time we had last year!

I have been  wanting to introduce colour into my work for a while and have been trying different ways of doing this, from collage,which looked ok-ish, layered textured backgrounds (too fussy and detracting from the image) and finally settling on watercolour, which I think looks quite nice thank you very much. It still enables me to use the ink pens I so like to use, but also gives a bit more interest with the varying shades and tones of the paint. I just hope they go down as well as the black and white pictures....

Well, it's nearly Easter, and I can't believe how this year is flying by again. We are about to have one of the busiest weeks ever at work (everyone and their dog will be wanting their repeat prescription, which will no doubt lead to lots of problems and stresses) so an early night for me tonight after a rather gorgeous weekend. Will be blogging in the week and then from Thursday I'll be having a wee break from it for a while, to recharge the batteries, spend some time away from the computer, and think of some new things to tell you about on my return. The tea towels have been ordered this week so I'm hoping that they will be delivered very soon too!!

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