Monday, 11 April 2011

trimmed and tidy

I hope you have all had a great weekend, once again it's Monday morning and I now have three days at work before I can get in the studio again. This weekend has been abso-bloody-lutely amazing weather in the UK, and it has meant that our plans for decorating our lounge were very short lived (well, we did half of it) before we abandoned that idea and transferred to the garden. We are now all trimmed and tidy, potatoes, peas and runner beans are all planted and we are weedless too. I tell you what you, when you haven't gardened for a while it does make you ache. Yesterday when I (tried) to get out of bed I felt about 80 and could hardly move, in fact thats probably an insult to 80 year olds, I had muscles I didn't know still worked!!

Anyhoo, all this activity has meant I also have loads of new work to show you. I'm attempting a series of topiary trees to run alongside my birds and trees. Still working on getting the trunks right but hey, it has been good to just some new stuff down on paper. Will show you more throughout the week. have a good day.

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