Friday, 8 April 2011

Work in Progress - more blossom

This isn't what I thought I would be working on today, but it is what I am working on today!! In fact I have started three new pieces today, two in colour and one in black and white. While the paints on the first two were drying I started the black and white topiary piece but when the colours on 1 and 2  had dried I just had to get on with them. Once I had started with the black ink work I couldn't seem to tear myself away and the hours have ticked by with only the sound of the iPod on shuffle playing my fave songs and the birds singing outside. It's quite addictive as once the form of the tree begins to take shape I just can't wait until it's done so find it hard to stop until it's finished!! Although now I really can't ignore the rumbling tummy telling me it's time to eat something so I thought I'd come and share my pics with you and have a cup of tea!!

I just love feeling like this, loads of ideas and not enough time to get them all down on paper!! It makes the creative void that was January seem a million miles away, thank goodness!!

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