Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Featuring... Anek

You know what. I never cease to be amazed at some of the gorgeous work out there in Etsy-land. Whilst searching for some more work to feature on my blog I came across Anek , a graphic designer and illustator working and living in lovely town called Zagreb, Croatia.  Artist Ana enjoys creating and tends to make her artwork simple, colorful, accessible and witty, which I think is what drew me to it. The colour are also really lovely too, especially those gorgeous alive greens in the set of three prints at the bottom.
When she isn't in her studio creating new wonderful works of art she is constantly thinking about new ideas and products but she also loves to spend time with her two amazing little boys. She says 'they are my best life teachers and inspiration for everything I do!'
You can check out all the goodies in Ana's shop on Etsy here or you can also find her on twitter here  Check her out, I know I keep saying it but her work truly is lovely.... you can't beat a bit of foodie inspired art for your kitchen!!

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