Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Featuring... Eloise Renouf - textile and stationery designer

Well, take a look at these GORGEOUS prints I found this afternoon whilst scanning the pages of Etsy looking for some unsuspecting artists/designers for my 'Featuring' spot.

As you may know I am running this once a week and will be featuring lovely work such as this above... by the very talented Eloise Renouf, a fellow Nottingham person, who is a textile and stationery designer. She has designed work for studios in London and also over the pond, in New York, and she also runs a stationery business with her partner.  I can't believe that I haven't seen her work before, especially as she is from Notts too. It seems that it's not just me who is drawn to Eloise's work, she has been featured quite a bit in blogland, and it's not really surprising. Her designs are fresh with a distinctive retro-style. There is a very strong 'natural' theme running through her work, which I just love, being into trees and birds myself, and I also love the mid-century influence on her shapes and colours. I think Lucienne Day would be v impressed with this lovely work. To see more for yourself please check out Eloise's Etsy Shop and maybe you might like to treat yourself... I know I am VERY tempted!!

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