Sunday, 29 May 2011


well, its Sunday night and I'm pleased to say it's Bank Holiday Monday tomorrow so we have an extended weekend, and after all the shenanigans of the last week I'm pleased we have a day to chill!! You know sometimes when things are just sooo busy you just want to stop the bus and get off... well that's me!! Things have been non-stop... all good stuff but I'm really ready for a rest and recoup!!

Last week I had the chance to spend a lovely day in London visiting Chelsea Flower Show with my husband (quick change of plan as my mam had hurt her knee and couldn't come, which was very disappointing, but at least she is feeling a bit better now!). Chelsea was FAB, loads of inspiration, loads to see, and we did get caught in torrential rain and a hailstorm, which was a bit novel considering all of the good weather we have just been having!! SO that was Thursday, up and out at 9am and not back til 11.30pm... Then Friday morning was spent picking a huge order of frames and pictures followed by a trip up north with one of my very good friends to see the folks and go to see Take That in Sunderland..... and a very late night spent swilling G&Ts until the early hours!!

Fast forward to Saturday with a gallery visit in Corbridge to drop off some new work and then back to Notts for an early night and a BIG SLEEP!! Today has been a bit less hectic, out for lunch and watched a DVD this afternoon and I must say my bed is calling!! Hope you have all had a great weekend too...

The photo is Lollipop flowers, bubblegum tree and now a new bird house, it's nearly finished. I have been drawing lots lately and have lots of new work to print for my new print series so hopefully the next few weeks will be spent getting a few orders ready, printing prints and cards, and just slowing things down a bit a getting myself organised again.... lots to think about, it's amazing how things move along when you decide to step it up a bit... just feel as though I need a few days to gather my thoughts a bit and chill out!!

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