Monday, 2 May 2011


Yes, a lovely holiday followed by a relaxing Bank Holiday weekend at home, and all is good with life at the moment. We have spent this weekend doing a few housey jobs (washing and boring stuff like that, and just when I was ready to tackle 'ironing-mountain' my iron blew up and fused the house!!). We have also been getting the garden done, we have bought some great value plants at a local car boot sale and have planted them this afternoon, as well as planting some more peas and giving everything else a good old water. We haven't had any rain for ages, which is great for dog walking and caravan holidays but not so good for the garden.

So this week I'm back at work, back to reality, but only for two days, so I can't complain!! Then Thursday and Friday I'm in the studio with maybe a slight break in proceedings to get a well-needed hair cut (my barnet is resembling straw a la Worzle Gummidge at the moment!!)

So I'll leave you there for now. Keep reading this week, I'll be blogging daily if I can, a few more holiday snaps of gorgeous Suffolk (BTW the photo above was taken last week in Suffolk and not Greece, how often is our sky THAT blue!) until I have some new work to show you, and also Wednesdays feature on an artist whose work I love!!

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