Thursday, 19 May 2011

sold... to the mysterious person at the back

well, what can I say, I got some great news yesterday from one of my new stockists up in the North East, The Balman Gallery, three of my originals sold to a collector (fantastic, I nearly fell off my chair when i read the email) and they now need some replacements! This is just the best news I have had all week, and I'm just so pleased to see that my recent surge in creative and promotional activity is starting to pay off!! I'm over the moon (do you get the gist, I do have a 'slight' smile on my face!). It is a strange and slightly mysterious feeling though when a gallery does sell your work, as you have had no interaction with the customer yourself, and I do keep wondering who has parted with their hard-earned cash to buy a one of my pictures. I always thought that I only wanted to sell through galleries, giving me more time to make new work at home but this has made me think maybe I do want to get out there and meet some of the people who actually buy my work, so hopefully I will be doing one or two fairs/markets later this year. Don't get me wrong it's lovely to meet and chat to the owners of the galleries and shops who have enough faith in me to stock my work, without them things would be a lot different, but to meet the people whose walls it hangs on would also be great. So 'my-mysterious-buyer-of-the-above-works' if you do happen to read this blog I just wanted to say a heartfelt thankyou!!

So today, I have lots of jobs to do, first one being walking a very impatient looking dog, who thinks that if he stares at me for long enough I will stop typing and take him now.. ok canine mind control has taken over... better be off....

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