Monday, 18 July 2011

ready again...

hello there, just wanted to let you know i'm still here. I've been having a bit of time to 'think', (a year ago I would have called it 'another creative lull' but I'm putting a positive spin on that and I've just been having some space). This time I haven't put myself under one bit of pressure and haven't gone into a stressed-out 'tizz' but I have been enjoying 'not making new work' and enjoying myself. It's my new strategy for managing myself and I'm pleased to say it's a lot easier to just go with the flow. I have come to recognise that creativity goes in cycles, the mad frenzy of March to June came to an end, and all of my work is out at new galleries and stockists and I'm revving myself up for the next part of the master plan!!!

Anyway, enough waffling. I've been up in the studio this evening for an hour after work and I'm dooddling some new ideas down. I have lots and lots of new ideas, new subject matter and maybe even a small adventure into ceramics and surface design... yes it's all been quiet on the blog front, but there has been plenty going on behind the scenes (ie in my head!!)....

1 comment:

  1. hi from portugal
    i've been following you for a some time from here and facebook and i just love your work.
    Just to congrat you...loving the new ideas


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