Monday, 24 October 2011


I'm just back from a lovely weekend in London with my husband, who very kindly booked us tickets for the War Horse on Saturday night. We spent the day wandering around the Portobello Road Market, sampling the wares at the Farmers Market and wandering around Kensington and Notting Hill (wow, the house prices!!!). Just near our hotel in Russell Square the Bloomsbury Festival was taking place and we had a little wander around there in the morning and then also later in the afternoon, listening to the music and taking a look at the activities going on as well as perusing the Craft Stalls in the autumn sunshine. One part of it that caught my attention was this interactive walk way of poetry, strung through the trees , encourgaing people to take part and add their own words to the banners. It made me think about words and trees and how I could incorporate them into my own work.

A few of my prints seem to be selling really well at the moment, especially 'Truly, Madly, Deeply' and it made me think about titles, and how the words in the titles of my work can maybe sometimes mean more to the buyer than the actual image..... it has just made me think more.....

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