Monday, 31 October 2011


Today has been mad... I've driven to Leeds to collect work from an exhibition there and then popped down to Chesterfield to meet with one of my other stockists and now back home again, dog is walked, paper work done, emails sent and tea is eaten. I just need a few minutes for a breather before I'm off out again!!

Whilst I was browsing in the Bowery in Headingley I noticed some gorgeous wood blocks with beautiful images of birds, trees and houses... and the more I looked at them I realised I had to buy one. I've learned over time that when you see something you really like you should just buy it!! So I did. And I have been trying to find a little more about the artist, Fiona Wilson as i must admit I do want to buy some more and make a feature on my living room wall. I found Fiona's blog, which you can see for yourself here and also her website which is here. She shares some of my passions for print, textiles and stitch, and her work is just divine. I'm looking forward to being the proud owner of some more!!

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  1. If you can get the the Beetroot Tree ( before 5pm on the 13th November, Fiona is showing her work with members of the Hallam Group of the Society of Designer Craftsmen -hope that helps.


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