Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Pop-up Shop - the story so far

So, the painting is nearly finished and we now have a brown paper panel along the main walls which I have added some of my images to today. I can't believe how much we have got done in only two days, I think by the end of this week our little Pop-Up Shop, as part of the Carnival Of Monsters Festival of Contemporary Art, will look amazing. We have to install the furniture and display cabinets and then get our work hung on the walls (which will have to be left to my lovely colleagues, as for the rest of this, I'm at work!!) ready for the grand opening on Saturday. The Carnival runs for two weeks and takes place at the Bartons Bus Depot Site in Chilwell, Nottingham. Simon (the site owner) gave me a guided tour of the site today and I'm amazed at the space and how it is filling up with lots of beautiful art. From light installations to metal sculptures, huge canvasses to small mosaics, I think there will be something there for everyone, whatever your taste!!

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