Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Holmfirth Art Market - the Finale

As I always like to share by latest 'new-to-me' finds my final little write up of my Sunday excursion to Holmfirth Art Market is to tell you about an artist whose work I discovered there.

Her name is Helen Hallows a Midlands based artist, working in ink, collage and stitch (probably why I liked it so much, three of my fave media!). Add that to the mix of birds and landscapes, autumnal colours and collage, and I think I could have spent a small fortune!! The two mini-prints I bought were these two lovelies above, Love and Home (two things very close to this sentimental heart of mine!) and I can't wait to get some frames to put them in. I'm making a conscious effort to buy more art for the house, as the last few years we have been looking at (and not particularly seeing) the same photos, pictures and cobwebs!! Time for a change, hence the spending!!

If you want to find a bit more out about Helen she has a blog here and also an online shop here. I think if my cottage was a wee bit bigger I might have thought about the larger prints, but wall space is at a premium in our house so we have to be careful we don't run out of wall!!

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