Friday, 11 November 2011

life drawing week 4

Phew, I've just got back from my day standing at the Magic of Christmas Fair where I made some sales and also met some lovely creatives too. It's always great to get chatting to other in the business and find out what they do, and us girls in the Conservatory had a great laugh! There were Christmas Carols, mulled wine, cakes, sausages, cheese, lots of lovely delights to buy for Christmas pressies. I'm off there tomorrow as a customer so I'll be taking some money with me to spend!! I can now relax as far as my art work goes, no more Christmas fairs to do, just time to knuckle down and get some order filled for my galleries. I'm planning to do more new work too, so watch this space for developments....

See above for my Week 4 Life Drawing efforts. We had a longer pose this week, and I'm definitely getting the hang of taking my time a bit more, planning my drawing before I start filling in the gaps and

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