Thursday, 10 November 2011

The Magic of Christmas

Tomorrow I'm at the Magic Of Christmas Fair at East Bridgford (luckily for me, just up the hill!!) and today I have been getting my knickers in a right old twist trying to sort out my table.... I didn't leave it til the last minute at all!!!!

But, knicker-twisting aside, I did end up with a half-decent looking, if minimalistic, stand by the end of the afternoon. If you haven't any plans for the weekend, why not head up to the Fair. It's at a beautiful country manor East Bridgford Hill, which is a fantastic setting for our gorgeous fair. Wandering around the stalls today in the midst of 'set-up' mania, I was impressed at the quality of the goods on offer. There is a distinctive 'vintage' feel, with textiles, prints, jewellery, kitchen goods, as well as a selection of local foodie treats. I'm only there for tomorrow, the Ladies Day, which is ticket only, but I'll be visiting as a member of the public with my mother-in-law on Saturday when I'll be on the lookout for Christmas presents!

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