Friday, 4 November 2011

new life drawing pics - week 3

So, week 3 Life Drawing Class, and I'm really enjoying this new challenge. Each week we are learning a bit more of the 'theory' behind 'getting it right', lots of different techniques about measuring, curves, angles and lines, and how when you put all of these things together you get a much more accurate image than if you just drew the outline as you think it is!! Usually I'm too impatient and want to get my picture down on paper and start detailing, but these classes have taught me to slow right down and also to use the charcoal in a lighter, less aggressive way. So hopefully once I get the basics I can start to use this new subject matter in my work and who knows what I'll end up producing. I can't wait to find out.

As I said on Monday, this week has been mega busy, with trips to stockists, orders to fulfill (the to-do list is getting longer every day), but this weekend we are just having a lovely weekend at home, doing some lovely cooking and walking, and tomorrow we are going to an auction to hopefully buy some new-old stuff for our cottage.

This evening I've had the pleasure to visit Lustre, a gorgeous contemporary Craft Market at the Lakeside Pavillion at the University of Nottingham. If you are around in the area this weekend you should definitely pop in for a browse of the some of the best local and national creative talent.

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