Wednesday, 30 November 2011

time for a bit of reflection

well, it's been two weeks... two weeks too long since I last posted, and I haven't had much to tell you but now I finally have some time to write a few blog posts and actually do some new work in the studio. Today I had lots of little jobs to do, frustrating when I just wanted to get in the studio and do some new work, but necessary when trying to run a small business, orders to post, new frames to buy, bills to pay etc etc etc. I've had a really busy couple of months but I'm now ready for a bit of reflective time to think and plan and to write the next part of my business plan and put into place a list of the things I want to achieve next year.

Looking back over 2011 I think I've done a lot of what I wanted to do... I wanted to exhibit and I have been lucky enough to have been part of four exhibitions and a 'Pop-Up-Shop' in Chilwell. I have sold more work than I thought I would and have finally started to take myself more seriously as an artist. I have finally started to believe that I can make this work, I know I have the determination and drive to do it so I now need a bit more help and direction to make the next bit happen. I have BCTF on the distant horizon which I want to make a really good job of so there's my first big challenge for 2012. I also really want to expand my range of products and also to get into more stockists and gain a higher national profile. I have lots of people I'm in contact with to help and inspire me, my Creative 10 group have been a constant source of support and motivation and it's been great to spend time with such a lovely group of fellow creatives.

So, a loose plan in the making, I'm ramping it up for 2012, watch this space.... as for my picture for today, lots of sketchbook work, no real plan from today, just good to get a blank sheet of paper and get some ideas down....

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