Thursday, 26 January 2012


So look what plopped through my letterbox this morning, some lovely samples of badges I'm hoping to take with me to BCTF to help promote my range of goodies in April from the lovely people at Big Wow Badges and I'm very happy with the quality. It's been a very good week, lots of research and lots of things whizzing through my head of things I need to do to prepare myself and my range for my first trade fair.

I'm thinking of blogging about my experience of doing my first trade fair in the hope that it will provide some help, advice and inspiration for other newcomers to trade fairs, a bit of a diary about the trials and tribulations, ups and downs, mistakes and successes of the next few months, whilst I get ready for officially launching my range to the public. Maybe one post a week about how things are going, charting my progress, along with my sketchbook peeks feature, and also the 'Featuring' slot.... Hopefully this will direct more people to the blog and also give some informed content which will hopefully be useful to others? What do you think?

I've noticed how more regular blogging does increase yoru traffic. If it's your first time here I'd love to hear your comments about how my blog is shaping up, all comments welcome. Please post below.  For now I'll leave you, as it's time for tea and I've a whole list of things to do. See you tomorrow


  1. All the best with the trade fair, I just joined you yesterday and am enjoying reading your blog, was too shy to post yesterday - but now you have invited me as a newbie I'm saying 'hello'

  2. I love the badges, so chic.

    Donna x


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