Friday, 20 January 2012

end of the week

Took this photo last week when i was out walking the dog, it's great to see the evenings drawing out a bit, meaning we a little less time in the dark and a little bit closer to spring! There's still a good few weeks to go yet until the clocks go back, but I'm in no hurry this year. I don't want the days to fly by and for it to be spring time before we know it..... no, I want time to pass slowly basically because I have so much to do! As you all probably know I'm doing BCTF, at Harrogate for the first time this year and I started my planning and list-making last week when I had the first meeting to discuss how it's all going to work.

I also decided to sign up for a Creative Directions mentoring session with Rachael Chambers from Ferrers Gallery and off I went to see her this morning for my two hour mentoring session, armed with notebooks, my work, and lots of questions! What can I say, this is the best £50 I have ever spent!! My mind is now whizzing at 100mph with ideas and possibilities of what I need to do and how I'm going to do it. Rachael's tailor-made two hour sessions are well worth the investment. She spent time finding out about me, my aspirations and how I want to develop my range of work and present myself at BCTF and she gave me some cracking advice. I just need some time now to consolidate and digest all she told me and put a plan into action!!

If you don't know Ferrers Gallery, it's well worth a visit. It's on the Derbsyhire Leicestershire border in the very charming location of Staunton Harold. Friends have told me about it, but it is somewhere I have never been before. There is a courtyard of independent outlets, an artisan breadmaker, ceramicist, toy-shop, the gallery, cafe and also a garden centre and I'm definitely going to revisit and take my hubby and dog for a lovely walk (if it ever stops raining). It's also not far from the national trust Calke Abbey, so we'll pop in there and have a gander too. Sounds like a plan for the weekend!!

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  1. That Gallery sounds like an amazing place!
    I'd love for there to be an artisan breadmaker near me!


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