Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Featuring - BethBeeBooks

In our second 'Featuring' slot of 2012 I'm travelling across the pond to America, where I have discovered BethBeeBooks, a little book publishing operation run by Beth Barnett, painter and illustrator, who designs, illustrates and publishes this gorgeous selection of recipe books, address books, and note books.

Beth Bee Books was started in about 2002 and is currently located in Corvallis, Oregon which is a small city south of Portland in Oregon's Willamette Valley. I was drawn to Beth's work as I do love all things kitchen themed, and her recipe books above tick all the boxes for me. Great design, quirky illustrations, practical and well-thought out. Beth's products are a result of her own desire for useful books that help her to be more organized. She says 'I like to offer practical solutions, and that's also the way I approached writing Rabbit Food Cookbook - practical information and practical every-day (vegan) recipes'. I think I should be treating myself to one of her recipe books, all of my favourite recipes are crammed into a plastic poly-pocket on top of all of my cook-books, not very practical, attractive or easy to navigate!!

Whilst reading about Beth and her work I also discovered her vegan-vegetarian cookbook Rabbit Food Cookbook which she has written and illustrated herself and is now published by Sasquatch Books but which you can also buy in a limited edition handmade version here on Etsy. 

So, a very talented lady! I'm seriously thinking now I might need to buy a copy of this for my vegetarian sister as it looks so delightful!!

Beth also makes a selection of address books, again top-marks for the design element here, the smallest details have been so well-considered. There is even a selection of different covers which you can see here and the pictures of these little beauts can be seen below.

So there you have it, can you tell I'm impressed and rather in awe of these products? If any of my family are reading, please make a note for my Birthday and Christmas wish lists!! You can find out more about Beth on her website, her blog and also you can see more of her range in her Etsy shop here.


  1. They are gorgeous. I have never seen her work before so thanks fro sharing. It's great.

    {Dab and a dash.}


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