Thursday, 5 January 2012

A few ideas to help you feel inspired!!

I've got a new app on my phone called Instagram, it's fab, I love it! It's like a photography app where you can post and share your photos and there is an amazing array of talent out there to feast your eyes upon! There are lots of special effects and filters and you really can get some great shots, even when you are an amateur like me! I rate it as good as Hipstamatic for the kinds of photos you can get, I'm still exploring it but I thought I'd share one I took this morning.... Flicking through the images of other peoples work made me think that there is soooo much creativity out there and so many places from which to get inspiration. I think forums such as this are a fantastic way to get help you out of a rut if the ideas aren't flowing as freely as they should be.

I sometimes suffer from lack of inspiration, ideas and just a general feeling of creative down-turn, and over the last few years I have come to realise ways out of feeling like this. Here are a few of things I do whenever I'm feeling distinctly uncreative!!

- I usually find it useful to just get away from my surroundings and take the dog for a long walk, to clear my head of the self-imposed stresses of creative-less-ness (if there is such a word!).

- I find chatting to other creative people (my sister being number one on the list!) helps to get the ideas flowing.

- Lists or brainstorming sessions where I just get down any ideas on paper of the work or subject matter I would like to cover works well as a starting point for actually putting pen to paper.

- I have a rather large cupboard in my studio full of books, ranging from books about sketchbook page ideas, illustration books, reference books etc and I find that flicking through a few of them gives me a few sparks of ideas, colours, shapes, patterns can all be starting points for new projects and work.

- Either that or I flick through my huge pile of ageing sketchbooks that I have accumulated over the years helps me to think about old ideas I always wanted to rework or explore further.

- Getting out and about armed with sketchbook and pens and just doing some drawing can also stimulate the old grey matter and give a boost to your creative mojo!!

- And if you don't fancy going out in the cold and wind and rain (today in the UK the weather is abysmal!!) then why not browse the plethora of excellent design blogs to help you wiht your lightbulb moment!! There is a small list on this blog and also a longer list on my old blog which you can find here....

- If it's still not happening then it probably isn't worth beating yourself up about it, watch a film, listen to some music, bake a cake, read a book, go out and so some gardening, or have a bit of retail therapy, whatever floats your boat. Just be assured that the ideas will come, honest!!

Please feel free to add your thoughts or things that you do when the blank-page-syndrome strikes!!

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  1. A lovely post! Most of my inspiration strikes just as I'm falling asleep and then when I wake up I struggle to remember my brainwave. Am thinking of taking a notebook and torch to bed with me! Hx


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