Friday, 10 February 2012

Designing a trade fair stand (isn't as easy as you might think!!)

Yesterday I started to plan out the space for my trade fair stand at BCTF, Harrogate. Now I'm not the best person to imagine something in 3-D when I'm stood looking at an empty space so in my great wisdom I decided to try to make things a little bit easier and marked out the space on the floor.... important lesson learned....don't stick very sticky tape to the floor of your studio. It works really well for helping dimensionally-challenged folks such as me to 'see' the space... but it was bugger to peel off!!

Anyway, so now I'm looking at the actual floor plan of my stand, in real time, stuck (very much) to my studio floor, and I realise that 2m x1m isn't really very big at all. How on earth am I going to make this space eye-catching and amazing? I'm going to have to be very clever in my use of space and go for the 'less is more' approach. I want my stand to be perfect, eye-catching, visually-stunning, I want to stand out from the crowd and I want everyone to come in and browse.... I've set my own bar quite high here, am I setting myself up for disappointment?

After seeking the advice of a few respected people 'in the know' with all things trade-fair-y I've decided to try and sketch out the space in my sketchbook and have come up with a few different layouts.... but I have to admit to you I'm struggling... I keep coming back to the same idea, which, if I'm honest with you, is a bit safe and boring... Think I'm going to have to call on my friends at The Design Engine again for their input.

As you can probably tell I do find it a bit frustrating when I don' know what I'm doing so I think I need to do a bit more research into all things technical and come up with a plan. Watch this space... I'm off onto tinternet to find out more about how to do this properly. I need to get my message across to my customers, make it plain and simple to understand what I do, my products need to be well-lit, uncluttered and well-presented... ok, off I go, I'll be back later...

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  1. Oh dear, hope you got the tape off in the end! I always do lots of sketches and the first time, I did lay it out, but I find I don't really know what's going to work until I'm actually there. Anyway, look forward to seeing your finished stand! Have fun:) Vic x


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