Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Featuring - Michelle Brusegaard

Yes, the poppies originally drew me to the work of Michelle Brusegaard, an artist from Grand Forks in North Dakota USA. I found her work on Etsy a few weeks ago and when I went to explore her shop and website I found that she doesn't just work with paper. Oh no, she has a wide range of good in her store from screen-printed scarves, ear-rings, notelets, calling cards, wedding stationery, calendars.... That shop is just full to the brim of her stunning work.

Michelle got her BFA in Painting and photography from the University of North Dakota in 2005 and moved to Minneapolis. She used to work at an art supply store and a coworker told her about the gocco, so she knew she had to get one. This led to cards, then she started printing stuff on fabric, then making screen-printed business cards. She also loves painting, photography, screen printing, batik and sometimes a little mixed media. She has shown her work at an impressive list of Craft Fairs, such as Renegade, and also has exhibited at many galleries. You can see her biography and find out a bit more about her on her website here. This just goes to show how diverse you can make your work. I often worry that I will only be recognised for my black and white bird work and feel I need to keep doing that because it is popular and sells well, but I do really want to branch out into other media, so i'm taking a leaf from Michelle's book and that's exactly what I'm going to do.

Michelle also has a blog which you can check out here and her Etsy shop is well worth a visit, the link to that is here.


  1. i've just discovered your blog! wonderful posts - especially the sketchbook peeks :)

  2. Great feature Sue, it really makes you wonder how you might want to expand, it has set my mind racing! :)


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