Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Featuring - Sarah Marymee

Once again, the Etsy taste test comes up trumps!!

These images above are of the work of the talented Sarah Marymee, a ceramic artist from Nebraska. I stumbled upon Sarah's work after taking the Etsy Taste Test, and I discovered a shop full of ceramics in the most beautiful colours and I want them all! I contacted Sarah to see if she would like to be featured on the blog and she told me a little about herself...

'As a ceramic artist, I love that the pottery created can serve as both a piece of art and a functional part of everyday life. I often start planning my pieces in my sketchbook, although I have had a lot of happy accidents during the creating process. Most of my pots are thrown on the wheel and then surface detail is added through carving, stamping and slip trailing. The final step of the process is choosing a glaze that fits well with the shape and design of the piece.'

Sarah also works in a number of other areas, including printmaking, painting, and stained glass - she says she works wherever the inspiration strikes! She and I share the same love of ideas that cross over from one area of art to the next and Sarah says she thinks this helps to keep her work fresh and evolving.

If you want to have a browse in Sarah's shop on Etsy just click here and you'll be taken right there.... go on have a peek, you night just see something you need!!!

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