Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Featuring - Sarah Ogren

I did the 'Taste Test' thing on Etsy where you are given a choice of items and have to choose your favourite one and from your various selections Etsy cleverly puts together a selection of what they think you will like! I do like this, you get to find work you would never perhaps have seen. This is how I found the work of my this weeks featured artist - Sarah Ogren.

Sarah is based in Crystal Lake, Illinois (which sounds very pretty don't you think?) and she is a mixed media artist, with a background in Professional Counselling. Her work, at first glance appears very whimsical and fairy-tale like but if you take a closer look her clever use of imagery and words reveal a deeper meaning.

She says 'My work is often a reflection of my current life difficulties, triumphs, and questions with a childhood influence. I guess you could say I have a strong existential philosophy and I am using my art to figure out what life means to me. I often take conversations and experiences from my every day life and incorporate them into my work. These conversations and experiences are expressed in the subject matter of a collage but also can be hidden in the imagery and titles of the work as well.

As well as her 2D artwork Sarah's talents also cover other media and disciplines, including jewellery and scupltures, and her depiction of the natural world flora and fauna spans her collection. I particularly love her cat sculpture below.

Sarah's past experience in Counselling has also influenced her work. She describes how this plays and important part in her work

'I have always been amazed at how complex and often surprising a person’s inner life is. Often, first impressions are misleading and I have found that there is this secret life within each person, which is why I choose to work in the medium of collage and choose to use animal heads on my figures. Collage for me is representative of the layers of human experience. The animal heads are a kind of mask. A way of presenting to the world what we want others to see and not having to reveal our true selves.'

The light-hearted way that Sarah deals with these complex issues is delicately considered and has certainly left me thinking that I want to find out a bit more about Sarah and her work. If you do too then you can check out her blog here, where she talks a bit more about her work and her philosphy behind it, and you can also see her shop full of goodies here on Etsy.   


  1. Thank you Sue for the feature. It is much appreciated!

  2. Another interesting artist for me to explore further.

    Thank you.

  3. Glad you like it!! Keep reading, lots more talent to follow!!

  4. Love this work, really interesting and beautiful. Thank you


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