Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Featuring - Suzanne Millius

This week I am 'Featuring' Suzanne Millius of Studio3ten in the USA. Again, I found her work purely by chance, looking in a treasury of someone else I was admiring at the time. I got in touch with Suzanne to see if she would like to be featured and asked her to tell us a little bit about herself. This is what she said....

'Hello...My name is Suzanne Millius. I live in the Midwest about 3 hours west of Chicago - in a charming city called, Dubuque. Nestled along the banks of the Mississippi River, Dubuque is filled with lots of art, music along with very cold winters, hot summers and beautiful crisp falls. Simply put, I am an artist - living, breathing in the world around me - and creating pieces that are aspects of my soul.

I have loved drawing; painting and writing since birth...I come from a lovely family of artists and musicians. My mother is an artist - My father a musician ....(a wonderful environment for a little Pisces to
flourish!) Growing up, someone was either drawing/painting at the kitchen table - and music was ALWAYS in the background. Art is the most amazing outlet for is literally saturated in my soul.

My work appeals to a world-wide audience. I’d like to think, I have a little something for everyone. Since listing my work online through Etsy, I have sold prints all over the world including: Australia, Canada, Netherlands, Switzerland, Israel, Ireland, Italy, France and Spain, just to name a few. I also have art prints and cards in local
boutiques and wineries around Dubuque as well as other cities throughout the United States.

I create unique pieces filled with inspiration that everyone can love, relate to and hopefully appreciate. My work is hugely personal for me – I draw what I feel. So when someone truly connects with one of my pieces, it’s the most amazing magical feeling ever!

I continually draw inspiration from almost everything around me; the people I meet, fashion, color, the weather, good conversation, the memories we make, life experiences and of course, music. When not creating art, you might find me cooking a fantastic vegetarian meal, running (my form of meditation), playing chess, watching live music and most importantly spending time with my loving, supportive family.'

Ah, this one just makes me want to buy it and give one to all of my three sisters!! I love the words and sentiments that Suzanne uses in her work, they give it such broad appeal. I'd agree with her on that count, i think she has something for everyone.

So if you would like to see more of Suzanne's work, and there is a shop packed full of her prints, calendars (although I do believe they have all sold out) and cards you can check out her shop here.

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  1. Oh how lovely, another one for me to admire from afar. Will certainly go look at Suzanne's shop, love her art and inspirations.


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