Thursday, 2 February 2012

Getting things done

I'm now sitting writing my first blog post from the comfort and warmth of the studio, rather satisfying, after the efforts and frustrations of installing my new wi-fi router this morning!!

I've been thinking a lot about motivation and 'doing' things and I thought I'd share something I read this week that really struck a chord....

''The simple path to your success requires that you put effort into it. No one hands you success. You earn it. You must plot a path and work it. Daily. Wars aren't won on a single hill with a single skirmish. They are won with every day's effort, with every bit of preparation, planning, and practice.''

I found that really motivating and very true. In the spring of last year I was having a bit of a lull with my art work, I'd had a great start to the year with a group exhibition but things had quietened down and I was feeling a bit disheartened about lack of interest in my work, wondering why I wasn't selling much etc. After mulling it over for a while I decided that I was going to have to take action and go out and get a piece of the action myself. After drafting an introductory email about myself and getting some good quality images of my work I did a little research into the kinds of outlets and galleries I wanted to work with to sell my art. I had an amazing response and as a result of this action I took I added several new stockists to my list. My action had paid off and I couldn't believe how easy it had been. I got the preparation and planning right and I was amzed at the results and really pleased that I'd finally got off my arse and had made something happen...

So I had better get off this computer and go and get 'doing' some of the things I have set myself for the day, have a good day!!


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