Friday, 3 February 2012

I need to de-clutter!!

I'm suffering from a distinct lack of decent storage options and there is clutter everywhere I look, my studio is looking like a pig sty!! And it was playing on my mind and hampering any chance I had of getting on with things today. I'm definitely of the 'tidy workspace = tidy mind' school of thought!! When I'm at work in my day job I need my work area to be tidy before I can do anything and just hate it when everything is a mess!! And it seems the same thing is to be said for my studio/creative space.

So what do you do when you haven't the time to nip to IKEA to buy a whole new set of matching storage boxes to solve all your storage needs ine one fell swoop?

Well, I need to share with you a new discovery of mine, a blog aimed at small creative businesses which I think is just grand, really informative, engaging and easy to read. It's called The Academy and is the brain child of one of my fellow twitterers (tweeters??) Isa Maria Seminega from Noisette Marketing, a full service creative agency and consulting firm specialising in marketing, PR, and branding for creative businesses. Isa is also designer and owner of Noisette Kids, a online boutique selling ‘happy things’ for children. We have been following each others' exploits on twitter for a while now and I just wanted to share her blog with you all.

The reason I have mentioned the above is because of a great blog post which you can find here on Isa's blog which will help you declutter your workspace in no time at all. I've read through it and have started with my desk and you can see the results of five mins of stuctured de-cluttering below...

So it wasn't that difficult, I might struggle to do all of the things Isa Maria suggests before lunchtime, although I'm going to make the effort to work through her very useful list over the weekend. Next week when I post a picture of my studio you won't recognise the place!!


  1. to funny! I just redid my workspace a few days ago and posted on my blog about it. It does help the idea to flow when you have a clean space. Your last site with the picture of the bookcase is my goal. Good luck on your space. :O)

  2. Thanks!! Yes it really has worked, I saw your pics on your blog, it's amazing how much better it feels when everything is tidy!!

  3. Oh dear, I hardly dare read it. OH has been away this week, he is back in a few hours and I really 'must' find the kitchen. If I EVER managed to tidy up the craft room I would have more space, but just though thought of it fills me with dread.

  4. Great work ... your desk looks fabulous. I had a good old clear out of my workroom in the first week of January, and it made *such* a difference. i'm mid-project at the moment, so it looks like a bomb-site again ... but I think it'll be easy to clear up afterwards because everything I've got out does actually have a 'home'!


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