Tuesday, 7 February 2012

inspirational day out

As those of you from Blighty will know we have had a bit of a cold snap and have had lots of white stuff dumped on us this weekend. Of all the weekends to arrange a day out in London with my sister and I go and arrange it on the coldest snowiest of 2012 so far!

But the effort of getting to the station was well worth it and we whizzed down the East Coast line and went off on our travels to Spitalfields Market, The Old Truman Brewery and markets (a veritable feast for the senses, see the amazing food stalls above, had the most delish chicken curry and couscous) at Brick Lane and then down to Regents Street and a wonderful visit to my favourite shop in the whole world, Libertys, and also the UK flagship store of Anthropologie..... What a feast for the eyes!! I could never spend an hour exploring Liberty's with my husband, he's just get far too bored and would be huffing and puffing and looking impatient!! My sis was perfect browsing company and we just 'oohed' and 'aahed' to our hearts content!!

I even spent the last of my birthday money and treated myself to some gorgeous ceramic measuring jogs and spoons... will show you them later in the week.... Now I just need an early night or two to recover!!

But as a result of spending a weekend with my sister I now have even more inspirational ideas flying around the grey matter and lots of things I need to do for my BCTF preparation. I also have a few things in the pipeline, but I'll tell you more about them later in the week

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  1. hurragh! It was the most awesome day. I feel the same too, totally full of inspiration and overflowing with ideas now... eeek. can't wait to get everything into action!
    what a fabulous Xmas present!


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