Thursday, 8 March 2012

a bit of blog love...

Last week I had a message from Helen Hallows (whose blog and website you should def check out) telling me that she had awarded me the Liebster Blog Award.  Awarded from blogger to blogger, it must be awarded to a blog that inspires you and that has less than 200 followers. AS you can imagine I was chuffed to bits to receive this acknowledgment about my humble little blog so I now have to think of who to pass this onto....

After much thinking and racking of brain I have decided to pass this award on to Debbie Greenaway who was recently featured on Sketchbook Peeks, as I love her blog, it's easy to read and I love her work, and also Helen Russell for her blog over on MercuryArts whic is also lovely. I've never met either of these two ladies but I think if I did, we'd have a lot in common!!

I do read quite a few blogs so there are probably many more I could mention, but if you are short of a blog or two to read, you might want to take a look at my updated blog list of Inspirational Blogs over on the RHS. These are only a few of the ones I follow, but I think that they are some of the best, very inspiring and lots of lovelies to feast your eyes on.

So there you go, a healthy dose of blog love to keep you busy.... this is my last post of the week so have a good weekend y'all!!

By the way, am still calling out for submissions for Sketchbook Peeks, so if you would like to be featured please drop me a line

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