Tuesday, 27 March 2012

collection of holiday sketches - a little peek into my sketchbook

My recent trip to Devon to stay on a small-holding a couple of miles from the coast gave me the chance to be able to leave all of my business 'stuff' at home and just to chill out and enjoy a week off. It took me as couple of days to wind down as I'd had so much to think about with all of the BCTF preparation (watch this space for details coming soon). It was a welcome break and I found a lot of inspiration. I just wanted to share my favourite sketchbook pages from the trip. I'm planning to introduce a range of coastal inspired work as smaller prints which would look great together as a set. I'll post later in the week about my developments and progress...


  1. I really enjoyed looking at the pages from your sketchbook. There is something fascinating about the seaside that always gives me a bright happy feeling of hope and freedom.
    I'm looking forward to see how your theme develops.

  2. Oh I do love your little boats and beach huts, especially the one with the steps, so cute! :)

    1. thanks dawn, I'm looking forward to seeing how they turn out!! how are your sketchbooks coming along?

  3. Great to see inside your sketchbook too! Love all the boats, each one has its own character...

  4. Love the huts and boats, the shapes you've used are jolly satisfying, or should that read jolly and satisfying. Nice one :D


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