Thursday, 1 March 2012


So this week I'm in Italy staying with my sister and her family, so I'm having a bit of time-out. I'm just enjoying spending time with my sis, and, of course, enjoying the pizza and pasta too!! And regular cuddles from my lovely nephew too!!

I've been doodling lots of ideas down in my sketchbook, I'm thinking of some new work for later in the year after all of the BCTF furore has died down. It seems that's all I can really think about at the moment. I'm afraid to say I might be getting a bit obsessed!!

So after I'm back from Italy I have another meeting with the lovely peeps at Design Engine, to get a list of things finalised (business cards, greetings cards, stand visuals, price list.... I could go on!!) Things are coming together and I haven't had any nightmares about my stand falling apart or all of my stock suddenly being stuff I don't even recognise as mine, for a while!!

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