Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Featuring - Jessica Durrant


This week I am featuring the beautiful watercolour work of Jessica Durrant, a full time freelance illustrator and art instructor from fabulous Las Vegas who now resides in the beautiful Atlanta area. Jessica studied Illustration at Southern Utah University where she received her Bachelors. I was drawn to Jessica's work as I do like a bright splashy watercolour and I particularly like her travel-inspired images of world cities, and I decided to show you a selection of my faves, along with a good old Union Jack, as we over here in Britain are feeling very patriotic this year with the Olympics and also the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. Anything GB?UK orientated seems to be flying off the shelves this year.

As well as her world cities she specialises in fashion illustration. Jessica says her art is inspired by a passion for all things fashion, as well as her obsession with traveling, Japanese illustration, indie music, a zillion magazines, and fellow artisans. Her favorites include the greats like David Downton, Rene Gruau, Sharon Pinsker and Stina Persson (whose work I can remember studying whilst doing my own Foundation course in Art and Design). She goes on to say she has created a few homages to them in her personal work.

Jessica loves to illustrate things that evoke happiness, a bit of fantasy, wanderlust and glamour. I hoped you enjoyed looking at her artwork. You can find out a bit more about Jessica on her lovely new website here. If you are on Facebook you can follow what Jessica gets up to here and also on her blog here 

ooh, yes and before I forget you can also browse her online Etsy shop here for that little fashion/travel treat to brighten up your walls.........


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