Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Featuring - MrsEliotBooks

This week we are 'Featuring' Francesca Iannaccone from MrsEliotBooks, a gorgeous shop on Etsy full of work which I have been coveting for years. I featured Francesca's work last year, when I originally started to run this post, but I was drawn back to her gorgeous new work again. You can read my first blog post about this lovely work here.

I think that these vintage inspired prints above are just divine. As you know I have a bit of a thing for 1950s images and patterns and I think Francesca brings these two element together effortlessly with stunning results. I love Francesca's use of colour and the way she layers her colours, her bowls below are an example of this technique and something that drew me to her work and blog initially...

I asked London-based Francesca to tell us a little about herself and her work and this is what she said...

'I'm an artist and designer from London. I make little wooden books, prints, cards, tea towels and original collage pieces from the north London house I share with my husband and two little boys.

I like to try and make something for everybody so I often make concertina card versions of my little wooden books or turn an original collage into a print.

I find inspiration everywhere, so many of my ideas come from happy accidents. Mainly I'm interested in random words and cut-up conversations, and in breaking down details into shape and colour and pattern.

If you're intrigued about the name, when I was at art college The Middle Age of Mrs Eliot by Angus Wilson was the first book I bought from the second-hand shop to tear up and use in my work. Sorry Mr Wilson.

I like...surfing on etsy, making my little wooden books, super 8 film, collecting vintage teacups, blogging, all things stripy, writing, vintage sewing patterns, taking pictures, making things up.'

If you wuold like to find out more about Francesca and her beautiful work you can follow her blog here, check out her website here and also have a browse through her shops here, where you may find something to buy!! You can also follow Francesca on Facebook by clicking here....


  1. have recently discovered Francesca's work through a mutual friend(Lou of it is so lovely! I agree, the way she layers translucent colours and mixes them with pattern is really special. I also love her cushions, especially the Octons ones. and now through Francesca I have found your blog, which is amazing, so useful and inspiring! thanks!

  2. thank you sue! looks lovely. i thought i left a comment this morning, but maybe i just facebooked it. and thank you rachel, that's lovely! x


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