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BCTF - what worked for me - Part 5

So happy Monday everyone, I do hope you all had a good weekend. This is Part 5  of my post-trade-fair-analysis. I didn't think there would end up being as many parts as this but there are a few other things I wanted to share with you regarding my stand design and the process we went through from ideas to decisions.

Designing your stand - part 2

So yes, I do admit, I was lucky enough to have my v talented graphic designer sister on board helping me with my preparation for BCTF, and for that I will be eternally grateful. She was a star! But, as she said, when I kept saying how bad I felt that she was spending so much time helping me, she has lived with us twice over the years, so we could call it payback!!

So I brought some of my ideas to the table along the lines of what I was thinking I would like the stand to look like and Heather produced the following visuals so I could try to get an idea of how it would look.

Version 1: We went for a very linear approach here with large prints  and cards displayed. At this point I was thinking about taking a range of ceramic mugs with me so we need somewhere to display them, hence the large cupboard. I liked this simple design. We wanted to clad the walls in MDF so we could just attach them to the backing frame and everything would be ready to hang.

Version 2: below, a variation on 1, with storage and display area for mugs. Lots of white space on RHS wall, which really should be utilsed better... possible with tea towel display??

Version 3: Now this is starting to shape up nicely. We introduced a black wall and an illustartive element around the bottom of the stand, two touches I think worked really well, and made it a bit more interesting and eye-catching. Here the storage area is taking up a lot less space and I really liked the tea towel display idea, so you can see the full image of one and also get an idea of the quality and feel of the fabric.

Version 4: below, we have a variation on three, keeping the elements I loved and also adding a different storage area with sloping top, so we could put my portfolio on here and buyers could see the full range of images. At this point we were still thinking we would be cladding the walls with MDF, so the fixtures and fittings and shelving for mugs could be pre-attached, meaning we had less DIY to do on the day. With only one print I was concerned that I needed to be displaying more of my images, as they were a higher value item which I wanted my buyers to see. I was also having major concerns about MDF panels, having tried to carry one. Logistics of transporting our panels also proved to be a bit of nightmare, they wouldn't fit in the car or caravan...

Version 5: At this point I had decided not to take the mugs with me, due to costing issues, and was concentrating on my prints as being the major feature of the stand. I had seen lots of lovely images on Pinterest of 'higgledy-piggledy' displays or maybe a better word would be 'montage' of framed work, placed centrally on a wall and wanted to incorporate this into the design. Cards would be placed together on the RHS wall, with tea towels underneath. Our MDF idea, had now been completely binned and we had decided on fabric. Storage, was a lot smaller and less invasive, painted white this would blend into the background, so no -one would notice it, and an ideal place to store our bits and pieces. I love the idea of the painted birds on the walls with speech bubbles and wording. Quirky and a bit fun!!

As you can see from the last image, we plumped for Version 5 in the end, or as near as we could. We had to give up on the idea of painted birds on the walls due to changing our wall covering to wall-paper and fabric but managed to keep the rest pretty much to plan, thanks to my husbands amazing card shelving, which we painted with black board paint.

This series of images just goes to show how you work through your ideas and develop ideas, obviously this kind of stand design isn't right for everyone, but it goes to show what you can achieve with abit of research a few ideas and determination. (and a graphic designer sister!!)

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  1. I'm really enjoying these posts - so informative and interesting. I don't know if I'll ever do a trade show, but there's a lot to lean from hereif I ever do. Really interesting to see how your stand was designed - I love to see processes! Thanks for putting these together - it's definitely much appreciated x


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