Thursday, 12 April 2012

by the skin of my teeth....

I was starting to worry that my third tea towel design sample wouldn't be with me in time for BCTF, but thanks to the help from the lovely people at Countryside Arts, it is now in my possessions and I'll be taking it to the British Craft Trade Fair with me on Saturday to show with my other designs! I'm so pleased with the results I could do a little dance!

Whilst I've been busy printing and packing in my studio I've been listening to some really inspiring business and development podcasts to feed the mind while I'm working. I usually listen to them in the car while driving to work, and think that there are some great resources out there to help inspire us. I have realised I get particulalry fired up and enhused listening to the success stories of others, and I have found the following podcasts in particular to be great to listen to:

Anne Marie Cross: a female entrepreneur who talks about branding, online marketing, social media strategies, and having the right mindset for success

Michael Hyatt: of the podcast This is Your Life. he talks about productivity, leadership, publishing and managing your time and creating a life plan.

Pat Flynn: from the podcast Smart Passive Income, who talks about building businesses online, marketing, social media, building your blog. Loads of down to earth, open, honest advice.

Craig White: whose motto is 'Live Life with Love, Passion and Purpose'. very inspiring, especially the interview with his mum!


  1. Best of luck at BCTF! I've really enjoyed reading your preparation posts and hope you will keep us posted on how it goes and the aftermath :)

  2. Great info about the podcasts, I'm always looking for inspiration. Love the tea towels too.


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