Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Featuring - Earth Lab

This week I just have to tell you about this gorgeous work I have found on Etsy. I DO LOVE my soft furnishings and these eco friendly decorative throw pillows and cushions really caught my eye as they are both handmade and unique. If you check out the Etsy shop of EarthLab you will definitely find a modern eclectic and playful mix of leaves, starfish, jellyfish, hedgehogs and more, which will bring a smile to your face and something unique to your home. Owner of EarthLab, Kate, who is based in Rome, say that most of her designs use organic cotton or linen and she also works with recycled eco felt made from plastic bottles, which is a great innovative slant on recycling!

After many years of creating on her computer screen only, Kate rediscovered the thrill of making something she could touch with her own hands. She says 'I was hooked, and looked about for a way to combine my interest in interiors with a sustainable and ethical aproach to business. I discovered eco felt made from recycled plastic bottles, a really cool way of converting what was once waste into beautiful things. Recently I have begun using organic cotton in most of my designs, as well as linen, which requires a lot less water, energy and pesticides in it's production, making it more eco friendly'.

Kate gets her inspiration from natural forms, science, colour and the materials themselves. She also has two young children and likes to make things she thinks they or their friends would like. In fact she is hoping to expand her children's range soon, just as soon as she has time to knuckle down and get it done! I know how that feels!!

So enjoy the bright colours, wonderful shapes and textures of Kate's work by visiting her Etsy Shop here or follow here on her blog here

Please note all photos are the property of EarthLabDesign

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