Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Featuring - Julia Dely from Zuppa Atelier

This week |I'm featuring the striking hand painted ceramics of Julie Dely of ZuppaAtelier in Brazil. They are just beautiful and I'd love to have some in my kitchen but I think I'd be more tempted to put them on the walls as art rather than use them to put food onto!!

Julia definitely adds something colourful, quirky and fun to her white porcelain pieces, each one is unique, hand drawn and painted, using a combination of techniques of free hand, pen and ink and brushes. Julie says this is a very slow process that requires a lot patience, dedication and love for her work. I just think that in an age of mass production, they really offer something a bit different. And the designs, the clean lines and simple shapes just lend themselves to the white background.

Julia alos offers discounts if you would like to buy several pieces at once, it's an offer that's too good to miss.

If you would like to browse the shop of ZuppaAtelier please check it out here. If you like espresso then you should check out these charming cups and saucers. You can find them in here shop here


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