Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Featuring - Ruth Robinson Ceramics

I've discovered more gorgeous new work!! Isn't it just divine? This week we have the beautiful hand crafted ceramics by Ruth Robinson, a Ceramic Artist based in Cheshire. Like me, she works from her studio at the top of her garden, and also shares my own passion for birds and trees. I was really drawn to the delicate colour palette, the beautifully crafted, yet simple, shapes of her pin brooches and buttons, the delicate designs and patterns she uses and her photography really does her wares justice and makes them stand out from the crowd.

Ruth says 'I make things that appeal to me, the kind of things I'd like to keep, It's a luxury I can't really afford, but it's what keeps me inspired. Some mornings I wake up wanting to man handle a sculpture, or I may spend months obsessing over a couple of button designs, sometimes it drives me a little mad, but mostly it keeps me sane'

All images belong to Ruth Robinson Ceramics

She currently has a lovely range of handmade (so each piece is unique) pin brooches and buttons, but she has told me to keep on eye on her shop, as she is soon hoping to launch a range of  Hare sculptures and water etched pocelain. I hope she keeps me posted, I can;t wait to see her new additions!

If you would like to browse Ruth's shop for yourself, please click here and you will be taken straight there

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